Monday, November 3, 2008

Introducing me and my kitchen

Hello readers,i'd like to introduce myself as a typical andhra girl who is a food lover n good listener.My blog explains you step-by-step procedures ,how to cook and use all the indian spices.I'll keep posting some authentic indian dishes like chutneys,daals,curries, sweets and snacks and some exotic cuisines too.And some posts might be related to gardening and cakes.Cake decoration is my favorite hobby that i do icing/frosting right from scratch using whipping cream,sugar,essence and an edible color.When it comes to gardening i use seeds from my pantry like chillies,fennel,fenu greek,tamrind list goes on......yes you can sow them and have fun while the plants are growing........are'nt you thrilled watching the plant grow?????????????